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Ten Great Music Videos: Radiohead – ‘Just’

as part of Cluas’s ten best videos of all time feature.

Radiohead – ‘Just’
Taken from the band’s 1995 offering, The Bends, it’s fair to say that this video did as much as the music in bringing Radiohead’s new blends to the masses. As the band watch the street below a man walking by decides to lie on the path – for reasons unbeknown to anyone else. Despite pleas by passers-by for him to rise – all of this dialogue between the people in the video is subtitled – the man stays where he is. After consistent pressure the man agrees to tell the crowd that has by now assembled around him, why it is that he’s lying on the pavement. At this point the subtitles end while the man explains his reason, and as he finishes the picture blackens. A few seconds later it returns with the whole crowd lying on the pavement alongside him. When questioned about what the man says, Thom Yorke said it possibly has something to do with a number, but that the exact words would never be known to the general public. Shame, really – I was about to brush the dust off my walking shoes… (submitted by Gav Reilly)