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If last fortnight‘s links aren’t still keeping you distracted during lectures, then never fear – otwo has found anot – Yo, it’s Kanye, I’m happy for you, I’mma let you finish, but the last WebWatch was the best WebWatch so far of all time! – … eh, well, yes. As you could probably have guessed, the last two weeks on the interwebs have been almost totally consumed by the latest mere du jour, the veritable bottomless pit of humour that is Kanye West’s VMA antics.

For those of you who are taking college a bit too seriously and haven’t left the library since orientation, let me recap: at the MTV Video Music Awards, 19-year-old Taylor Swift picked up the Best Female Video award (who knew videos had genders? I thought all videos were of the Caster Semenya mode), for ‘You Belong With Me’ ( Miffed that Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ ( had been beaten, West stormed the stage to grab the mic from Swift and declare Beyonce’s video one of the “best videos of all time” ( for the incident). There is, of course, only one way the internet is going to respond to a multi-millionaire stealing a mic from a teenage country singer: to take the pure, unadulterated p*ss out of him.

Step forward the Interrupting Kanye meme – best showcased at (, with a fine collection assembled by, and the quick-domain-grabbing ( If Kanye-baiting isn’t your kind of thing, is the recommended crème de la crème.

On separate but similar themes, Know Your Meme ( catalogues the best internet fads of all time – Kanye newly among them – and explains them in a friendly format that will appeal to noobs and leets alike. Ever wonder how long Longcat is? (Hint: it’s not short.) will reveal all.

Which – stunningly swiftly – leaves just enough time for F**k Yeah, 4Chan (, which takes all the virus-risking, eyeball-offending risk out of browsing the world’s least trustworthy comic shock site,; F My Life (, the year’s hottest things-are-crap-with-my-life archive; and Damn Interesting, which is, well… bloody intriguing to say the least (

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